Sod Installation

GrassMasters provides sod and sprig installation of golf course and athletic field construction projects. We provide top quality sod installation from tee to green and everything in between. Our professional crews will complete your project on schedule to your satisfaction. read more »

Sprig Installation

Our Bermudagrass sprigs are grown from genetically pure planting stock and have been nurtured in fertile soils and maintained to strict specifications in order to provide our customers with top quality sprigs that are uniform and provide excellent results. As a result of our sandy soil, our sprigs are clean and free of undesired contaminants. We offer a variety of turf grass selections that will suit most needs in our region. read more »

Athletic Field Renovation

GrassMasters uses the GKB Combinator dual-purpose Athletic Field Renovation system for complete field stripping and Fraise Mowing services. Our field removal systems combined with our high floatation sod and sprig installation services allow for a complete field renovation. What in the past may have taken weeks to be completed can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. read more »