Sod Accessories

Sod Knives

A sod knife is designed specifically to separate sod pieces, making it much easier to get the sod into place. A knife used for cutting sod needs to be sharp and durable. An ordinary razor blade is not recommended as they are prone to breaking, making them dangerous for this type of task.

Sod Staples

Sod staples are used to keep your new sod in place, allowing it to take root more easily. Sod should remain relatively undisturbed the first few weeks after it has been laid, and sod staples will help ensure that the sod doesn't move. Sod staples are strongly recommended for sod that will be placed on a graded surface.

3-pt Hitch Rental

A 3-pt Hitch is the ideal tool for use in laying rolls of sod. Laying sod from a roll, rather than one square at a time, will greatly reduce your time spent getting your sod in place. This method is recommended for most projects and is nearly essential for laying sod over larger yards and fields.


Laying sod can take a serious toll on unprotected hands. Gloves should always be worn when doing yard work, and wearing heavy-duty gloves while laying sod can protect your hands from cuts and scratches. These heavy-duty gloves are also strongly recommended while cutting sod pieces.